Thursday, January 24, 2013

An occasion when there was a victory over evil

This morning I am working with a sentence from our weekly Bible Lesson. This week's lesson is about Truth and this is the sentence: "At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil. " (S&H 571)

A number of years ago we were struggling a bit financially. We were just making ends meet but there were certainly not baskets full left over. A friend lent me a tape of a Bible workshop given by a Christian Scientist. I was familiar with his talks and had attended several of them. They were wonderful, filled with insights and inspiration. When I returned it to her she pointed out that the talks were available to purchase. I went to the site and was amazed at how many he had done. I wanted them all but couldn't afford to order even one.

The next few days I moped around in a deep pity party. I felt deprived and unhappy. It wasn't long before I decided I better pray about this. I opened that conversation a bit resentfully and laid out my case before God. It seemed to me that we were doing all we could to meet our obligations and to continue to support church. It didn't seem fair that I found out about those tapes and couldn't order even one.  I went on like that until I just ran out of things to say. Then God asked, "Are you finished?"  "Yes".  "Good. Go open the box in the garage."  Somehow it didn't seem right to demand 'what box' so I knew that what was required was just simple obedience. I went into the garage which was filled with years worth of stored boxes. But I walked right over to a box I had set down months before.

A member of our church had passed on and her roommate, not a Christian Scientist, had called me, asking if I would come and pick up a box of Christian Science things she did not want. This was the box which I had not ever opened. I did now.

Underneath a layer of books by Mrs. Eddy was a complete set of the Bible talk cassettes. Not one or two, a complete set. And they had been there all the time. I brought the box inside and sat on the floor with tears running down my face. "Father, thank you so much! Even before I asked You, You provided this bounty for me." You can bet I have been more obedience to His direction since then.

At all times and under all circumstances..... especially when I am tempted to believe that God is not present or all powerful. Love is always unfolding good, all we need to do is recognize that divine Mind is giving us the wisdom to overcome evil no matter what form it tries to take.

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Colin said...

What a nice lesson for you! It seems like desiring, right motives, and listening were part of the experience. You had the strong desire for the tapes, the right motive to learn more of the Bible, and you eventually listened to the message that God was sending. It is interesting to realize that your need was met before you even knew that you had the need.