Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are you still fishing?

The disciples had spent three years in very close contact with Jesus as their teacher. They had seen him cleanse lepers, cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead. He had even overcome death himself and appeared to them in the room where they were hiding for fear of a similar fate. But once he returned, he did not stay with them as he had before. They did not know what to do as they appeared to be leaderless. So several of them turned to Peter who says to them, "I'm going fishing".

Jesus had told them he would make them fishers of men. They had abandoned their former professions and begun healing ministries. But now, they seemed to take a step backwards. Have you ever found yourself feeling lost and confused? Maybe you had prayed for yourself or someone else and the healing had not come. Despite deep prayer and listening some issue was not resolved. It can be difficult to overcome some character trait or tendency, even when we truly want to think of things in a new and more spiritual way. So we return to or fall back on old habits of thought and action, believing we have failed. Maybe even accepting the suggestion that Christian Science had failed.

Peter and the others got in the boat and that night they didn't catch one fish. They came up empty handed. Think how they must have felt that morning. "Oh great, now I can't support myself by fishing anymore.  All the fish are gone.  I thought I could at least rely on this".  But they were not alone or abandoned. Jesus was waiting for them on shore. He calls out to them asking if they have any meat. Of course he already knew the answer. They had to admit that they had nothing. He tells them to 'cast the net on the right side' and they will find.  This seems foolish as it is now daylight and the fish, if there are any, could see the net. But he had done this with them once before so they obey. This morning the nets were so full they could not pull them in. What a visual confirmation of the 'catch' waiting for them if they returned to fishing for men! They needed to stop fishing as a profession and go back to their work as healers and teachers. The needed to spread the word about God and His son.

Jesus made his demonstation. Now it is our turn as his followers and disciples to make ours. We must not give in to discouragement when the healings seem to be delayed or our prayers ineffectual. We must defend Christian Sciece from the world's hatred and insist that it does always work because it is the truth and fully supported by God. We need to be partakers of the 'morning meal', sitting down with the Christ every day. Are you praying for yourself every day? Do you take prayer breaks during the day just to tell God you love Him and listen for His 'I love you back'?

Don't go fishing for answers in the wrong place. Expect to recieve a full catch, a complete healing. Cast your 'net' on the right side. You are one of his apostles so this applies to you: "And by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people;".

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