Thursday, January 3, 2013

How lame is that?

I am continuing to read Miscellaneous Writings using the daily journal published by the Christian Science Board of Directors and sold in the reading room. Using this study guide one can read through Miscellaneous Writings in a year. The assignment for today included reading part of one of Mrs. Eddy's Christmas sermons found on pages 167-168. What caught my interest and prompted a closer look was a reference to the 'lame'.

I live in a three generation household that includes 'grands' from 5 years old to 18 years old. More than once I have heard them refer to something as 'lame'. As in, how lame is that!, for something they thought silly. But the passage I read today shed some new light on that phrase.

Mrs. Eddy uses it as she elaborates on something Jesus said. He was responding to John the Baptist's questioning if Jesus was the promised Messiah. John was in prison at the time, about to be beheaded through the malice of the king's wife. He sent two of his own students to ask Jesus this question. It might have been that John was questioning it himself or he might have suspected that he would not be around to continue to teach his students and he wanted them to turn to the best Teacher, the Messiah. Those two men witnessed Jesus going about teaching and healing the blind and the deaf, cleansing the lepers, things the promised Messiah would be able to do. Mrs. Eddy's explanation included this: " the lame, those halting between two opinions or hobbling on crutches, walk,".

There have been times when I have caught myself halting between two opinions about a physical challenge, or the need to express more supply, or a situation where something had been said or done that needed a return to harmony. Listening to human opinions that could seem to stop my progress or choosing to only hear the spiritual truth. Not walk confidently with God but hesitating. In a way, that was lame.Weak and ineffectual. Even disabled. This is when I need to be still and know that God is in control, Love is everpresent, and I am safe and well right then and there, listening for the sweet angel message that will tell me just what it is I need to know. Being grateful for Mind's instruction. Trusting calmly. And then moving forward, physically and spiritually, healed.

What about crutches? Is there something you are leaning on, something you depend on and when that is missing, causes you pain or unhappiness? Sleep? Coffee? Heaven forbid, chocolate? Communication with a loved one? An employers approval and appreciation of the work you are doing? The internet for ideas? There is only one thing we need to lean on, the sustaining infinite, God. Mrs. Eddy writes: "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite today is big with blessings".

So today I will move with confidence and joy, without hesitation, secure in my steady progress. I will only lean on my Father Mother God and know that good is here right now.

Nothing lame about that.

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