Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mourners, it calls you

This week's Bible Lesson opens with the Good News translation of the Beatitudes. Then the sections expand on those nine 'attitudes we should be' to be blessed. This morning I am struck by the second Beatitude...Happy are those who mourn; God will comfort them!

I love all of our hymns and often turn to the ones that are based on poems by our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. In one of those is a verse about mourners. We are assured that Love wipes our tears all away. What a beautiful picture of the Motherhood of God, holding us close and comforting us, wiping away our tears. Lifting the shade of gloom. Making radiant room to see the glories He has prepared for us right where we seem to be sorrowing or accepting loss.

Are you mourning? Is there something causing you to feel unhappy. Do you feel like you have suffered a loss? Right there and right then Love is with us to bring comfort. We never need to feel unhappy. God is never unhappy and as His expression we are always whole and complete. There cannot be anything missing or any good withheld. Nothing has been taken away or lost forever.

Spirit, God, blesses man...at all times and under all circumstances. The sick are healed. The sorrowing are comforted. The sinner is reformed...re-formed.  Our spiritual growth is assured. We can always demonstrate our power over any evil suggestions.

It is your right to express completeness and joy. Soul is joyous. You have a wonderful life with Life. If you seem to be struggling with a sense of unhappiness or loss, if you are being tempted to mourn about something, know that is not coming from divine Mind. See it for what it really is and dismiss it. You have no reason to mourn in the kingdom of heaven. If you are sad Love will wipe those tears away. If you are depressed Love will lift that shade of gloom. If you feel lost or alone Love will make radiant room for good.

Our Lesson ends with what we think of as the morning meal, when Jesus comes to the disciples by the Sea of Galilee. They had returned to fishing after the resurrection. Jesus had risen but they had not seen him for several days and were feeling lost and confused. That night they caught nothing. Fishermen without a catch. Disciples without a clear sense of direction. Jesus calls to them and tells them to cast their net on the right side. When they obey that can hardly draw it in for the multitude of fishes.

Cast your net on the right side. See the wonderful blessings waiting for you. Mourner, he calls you.

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