Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trust your Life preserver

We live on the Principia College campus and have access to their beautiful indoor pool. Our summers are hot here in Elsah, Illinois and it is very refreshing to go take a swim. Our Katie Rose, just turned six, has not yet conquered swimming on her own so she suits up in a swim vest. When she is wearing this life preserver she cannot sink. She floats buoyantly and with complete confidence.

God's love for us is like that. It surrounds us in a loving embrace and keeps us afloat. Within that Love you simply cannot sink, become depressed or feel like you are going under. Our Bible Lesson on Life includes the definition for Abraham given in the glossary of Science and Health.

"This patriarch illustrated the purpose of Love to create trust in good, and showed the life-preserving power of spiritual understanding."

Wow. What a powerful life preserver the spiritual understanding of God as Life brings into our experience. We can trust this life preserver to hold us up effortlessly. It is God doing the preserving. Our part is to trust in His goodness and His always present love for us. Even if we feel like we have strayed into deep or dangerous waters. Especially then. God, Life, is right there keeping us safe.

This is a spiritual life preserver we wear all the time. Think about that as you go about your day and be grateful for this uplifting gift from God. He loves you every moment, has his eye on you like the perfect parent He is. You cannot be out of His reach. He is preserving your life because He is Life.

You can trust in that!

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