Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Holiness and wholeness

The theme running through this week's Bible Lesson on Man is holiness. It starts in the Golden Text and appears in each section of the Bible and in the correlative passages from Science and Health. So I decided to look up the word 'holy' in the dictionary. To be holy is to be sacred, to live according to a strict or highly moral religious or spiritual system; set apart for a religious purpose; deserving special respect or reverence.  I associate all of that with God and I look forward to gaining a clearer understanding of how that applies to man, each of us, me, because we are His children, made in His image and likeness. As He is holy, so must we, so must I, be holy, by reflection.

Another source is the Synonym Finder. Just look at what we are as holy children of a holy Father.
Blessed. Heaven-born. (That one wipes out any so-called birth defects or hereditary problems!) Blissful. (That means always at peace and joyous, aware of the good all around us) Devout. (One who expresses goodness and is devoted to God) Right-minded. (Having that Mind that was in Christ Jesus, we can always think and do the right thing, always hold the right concept or opinion of ourselves and others, of current events) Innocent. (One of my favorites,  not guilty of breaking any spiritual law, not accountable to any material medical law) Pure. (Without flaw eliminates any skin problems or belief of cancer) Untainted. (Free from anything that would try to attach itself to us of an impure nature, no problems with temper or hatred)

It sounds like a lot to live up to but the good news (the gospel) is that all of the above is already true about us, each one of us, by divine birthright. It is our true nature. We just have to make a practice of claiming it daily in our prayers for ourselves. It is a good thing to establish in thought at the very beginning of the day and then to bring to mind all day long as things come up to try to make us believe otherwise. God is holy, I am holy. I am whole in my holiness. Nothing unlike holiness can be a part of me or anyone else.

God, my Father Mother, is holy.
I, as His beloved child, His image and likeness, am holy. Whole
That never changes.

I'll be humming hymn 117 all day.

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