Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bloom or blight?

I just love Jesus' parables. There is always something new to think about. Today I am looking at the Sower's response to the news that tares have sprung up among the newly planted wheat. Isn't that just like error to see that some new ideas have found a place in a receptive thought and it must sneak in there to disrupt the progress.

But the Sower did not allow this news to upset him, just as we should always be alert should some symptoms appear or some challenge arise in our 'field'. When questioned about 'who' was responsible, the Sower calmly answered 'an enemy has done this'. When we catch ourselves wondering the same thing, or if a family member or co-worker notices a problem, we can answer just as calmly. He did not blame himself and we certainly should not blame ourselves either.

The Sower knew he had planted good seeds. Just as we know we have studied our Lesson, read periodical articles, paid attention is church, listened to a lecture, etc.. If we stay alert to what the world is suggesting, we don't allow 'bad seeds' to creep into our thinking. Watch out for those messages on tv, on line, being discussed around the water cooler. Do you really want that growing in your mind?

No frantic attempt - no witch hunt - just the confidence that those ideas or symptoms don't belong. If it can't be true for God, it can't be true for us either. Those lies cannot disguise their true nature. Be assured that they will be dealt with and destroyed by Truth and you will be set free.

God is good and only gives good.
Don't focus on the 'bad seed' or where it came from.
Gather the good thoughts into your mind.

The workers looked to the Sower to solve the problem. We do the same thing. We look to divine Life, Truth and Love and we are never disappointed. If things do not seem to clear up immediately, be not dismayed, trust in the good outcome.

A great cause, God's new Messiah,
Show to each the bloom or blight,
So can choice be made by all men
Twixt the darkness and the light.
(hymn 258)

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