Monday, March 23, 2015

The little maid's gift

This past Sunday I served as substitute teacher for the high school kids. All of them are Principia students and very well versed in Bible study and Christian Science. Two of them just returned from a 10 day trip to Israel and had lots of interesting things to share about that. As I prepared for the class during the week, I was wondering what I could bring to it for these bright students. The answer came from the Bible Lesson and it was a show-stopper.

The Lesson included the story of Elisha healing the mighty captain of Syria, Naaman, of leprosy. A familiar story, I prayed to see something in there I hadn't thought about before. And I found it in the little maid who had been taken captive and given to Naaman's wife as servant. The words used to describe her imply she was maybe 12 years old or younger. She was a captive and a slave but she still was able to  love her mistress and master. So much so, that she tells her mistress that there is a prophet in Israel who could heal Naaman of his leprosy. They believe her and Naaman goes to Elisha and is healed.

What stood out to me was her youth and her all-inclusive love. It prompted me to ask the students: "Have you ever been around someone who is suffering with a physical challenge, maybe a pretty serious one, and stepped forward to offer them Christian Science"?  Think about how she, a child and a slave, gave freely of this very special gift, an understanding of God's goodness and power and ability to heal even something considered incurable.

"You have been students of Christian Science, some of you all of your lives. You regularly attend Sunday school and testimony meetings. You know about the documented healings printed in our periodicals. You know Christian Science heals and have had healings of your own. How willing are you to step up and offer that when you become aware of a need?"

There was a long moment of silence as I let that question hang out there. And I assured them that I had been thinking about it myself all week long.

We should be open and receptive to sharing this 'cup of cold water' to the world and 'never fear the consequences'. We have to be willing to give our consent to reaching out where the need is great. Like this little maid, we have to love enough to include everyone in God's protection.

Mrs. Eddy writes: "A spiritual idea has not a single element of error and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive". (S&H 463)

Share it joyfully.

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