Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don't be afraid of giants

Today I am thinking about the story of Caleb. After leaving the slavery of Egypt behind, Moses and his followers reached the border of the Promised Land. Moses sends scouts ahead to spy out the land and its citizens. Among those sent were Joshua and Caleb. They found a place brimming with milk and honey and mighty citizens. Only Joshua and Caleb advised Moses that they should trust God and move forward. They were outvoted and spent the next forty years wandering around in the desert.

Remember after hundreds of years of slavery they are now suddenly free to worship God but they must put aside and outgrow the gods of Egypt and that life style. They are given the 10 Commandments and time to make them the basis for their new life. Joshua and Caleb made the most of that time and 40 years later were strong and healthy.

What I am pondering today is Caleb's reaction during that first mission. He was not afraid of 'giants'. His people were barely out of slavery and certainly not trained in the art of war. They had no army to protect or defend the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. How could they expect to defeat the people of the Promised Land who were healthy, strong, and well trained in warfare? But he did not doubt God's direction. He was undeterred by what appeared to be a superior force awaiting him.'
I'd like to always have that kind of courage and conviction. I'd like to understand God to be the source of my strength, as I face challenges. Like the garden area of this house we recently moved into. It was neglected for years and the weeds are formidable. Giants, in fact. It seemed like more than I could handle. But as I prayed on how to move forward, I found that I could work on one section at a time and clear it. And the next day I suffered no ill effects for that effort. My strength came from God. And I rejoiced in the time spent outdoors, anticipating what I will be able to plant, and how beautiful this back garden is going to be.

"God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis". (S&H 258)  I can see this passage in a whole new light as I move forward with this garden project.

Thanks Caleb. I find I am not so afraid of 'giants' either.

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