Thursday, May 21, 2015

Which superstructure are you claiming?

Our Bible Lesson this week, Soul and Body, has much to say about the temple of the living God, that's us. I noticed the word 'superstructure' is used twice in the first section so I looked it up in the dictionary. A superstructure rises from a firm foundation. Mrs. Eddy expands that to be a firm foundation of Truth. Putting that together with the idea of each of us being the temple of the living God I see wonderful applications.

Since we are standing on a firm foundation of Truth, the truth about the allness and goodness of God and His creation, that handles any claim of foot problems or inability to stand on one's own two feet, physically or metaphorically. In essence, error doesn't have a leg to stand on!

The temple has not only a firm foundation but a strong and perfect inner structure, similar to the way a skeleton supports the physical body. This support removes any suggestions of spinal problems or weak bones. Man is upright, pure and free.

Now I am going back over the rest of the Lesson for other references to temple. This week's Christian Science Sentinel includes the Bible Lens, a pull-out section explaining Bible verses. I found this particularly relevant to this morning's search. It says that the people of Paul's world believed that for the gods to be with them the temples dedicated to those gods had to be kept clean and polished. So viewing myself as the temple of God I should be sure my thoughts are clean and pure. You polish a surface if dust has been allowed to settle on, or it has gotten tarnished in some way and you use a soft cloth. That is a hint that I should not allow my 'temple' to get dusty or tarnished with  neglect. When I 'clean up my act' I can do so with a gentle clearing away of old thinking but I should work at it until the beautiful shine is restored.

This is going to be fun.

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