Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cast off that false identiy - the Bartimaeus example

Blind Bartimaeus, living on the fringe of society, clothed in the garment that identified him as a beggar, realized this was not just another day sitting by the highway. A huge crowd was passing by and in its midst was Jesus. Even though he could not see Baritmaeus knew that this was the promised Messiah, the son of David, who had come to heal and save.

Bartimaeus raised his voice, shouted to be heard about the tumult. And his cry was heard. Always aware of the receptivity of those around him Jesus paused. When the cry was repeated he commanded that the man should be called to him. Those who had shushed him now changed their tune and said, "Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee."

Now Baritaeus arose, lifted himself from the dirt and cast away his beggar's garment. He was not going to identify himself with that belief but stand up and go to the Master just as himself.

Imagine the joy he must have been feeling. No self pity, only humble expectation. Although it had not been done before Jesus' ministry, others were being healed of blindness. So when Jesus asks him what he wants him to do for him, he asks to receive his sight.

His faith is rewarded and immediately he could see.

When we turn to the Christ for healing, do we drop away any sense of imperfection, any suggestion of lack, any troubling discord in our life? Do we leave it behind with a joyful heart, fully knowing that nothing is impossible to God and this challenge, this false suggestion about our experience has no part in our oneness with God, good?

Once we are aware of just how close we are to the Christ,  once we understand that healing is right at hand, we need to rise up, as Bartimaeus did and run joyfully and expectantly to meet him.

What a wonderful and practical experience is provided in this short passage in the Gospel. It should be studied and put into use without delay. Don't stay by the wayside asking others to provide for you. See that God is right here, right now, ready to supply all human needs.

Receive your healing.

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