Tuesday, August 9, 2016

the gate opened of its own accord

Today I am working with something that happened to Peter. He had been arrested and imprisoned and was awaiting what would be a nasty outcome. That night an angel visited him and his chains were struck off. He followed the angel until they came to what appeared to be an impossible barrier, the iron gate leading into the city. But, the account says that "opened to them of his own accord". (Acts 12:10)

Divine Love was with Peter during that difficult time. He send an angel to release his chains and lead him to freedom. No one stopped them. No alarm was raised. But Peter had to be willing to trust this rescue and move forward. Just when it seemed he would escape, an 'impossible barrier' seemed to be blocking the way.

Sometimes as we are praying for help with some situation that seem to have us bound and chained, physically, financially or emotionally, things look pretty bleak. But right there, right then, God sends His angel message of love and protection with encouragement to rise up and move forward with confidence. So far so good. But just as things seem to be going well, some barrier appears in the way. Something seems to be between us and healing.

That barrier has no authority or power to stop God's plan. We are just required to follow and obey the angel messages and God with do the rest. We trust in that. When we let ourselves worry over things we are not trusting.  That may be the lesson we need to learn.

I heard a story about a Bishop who had a sense of humor concerning himself. So he tells humorously of a time when he sat in his study worrying over many things. He relates that finally the Lord came to him and said, "You go to bed.  I'll sit up the rest of the night."

I love that gentle reminder to trust God.
He'll sit up the rest of the night whenever you need Him to.
That 'gate' will open of its own accord.

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