Monday, August 22, 2016

What might she have said?

We know very little about the raising of Jairus' daughter from her perspective. She was 12 years old, much beloved by her parents, beyond any help they could provide to restore her from illness. Her father turned to Christ Jesus to heal his child. In the crush of people surrounding him, another had come seeking healing, humbly but bravely, she reached out and got her healing, But was it too late for the child? One of his household came running to say she was dead and he need not trouble the Master.

Jesus heard what was said and immediately denied this claim of death telling her father, Fear not, believe only, and she shall be made whole.  Think of that. Not only brought back from death but restored whole and healthy, free from whatever had tried to take her life.

We know the scene they faced on their arrival - much noise by professional mourners hoping to be hired for the funeral. But Jesus dismissed them. They would not be needed. He put them out, removing further insistence on the child's passing. Those who remained, her parents and his disciples, wept and bewailed the loss. He now puts them out as well. Perhaps so the childlike thought could better hear him and respond.

I love this account in Luke. Luke was himself a physician and always interested in recording Jesus' healings. As he gathered material for his two-volume writings - the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts - he interviewed eye witnesses and spoke with those who survived. Imagine if he had been able to talk with this girl, now grown to womanhood. What would he ask? What would I have asked? 

What did you say when he called to you?
What do I say when he calls to me, when he comes to me in my hour of need?

He called her Little Maid.
He tells her to arise.
And when she does, he commands them to feed her meat. She does not need broth, she is fully restored and should eat what any normal child her age should eat. Imagine if the claim had been about digestion or food allergies. They'd never have to deal with that again. Healed both child and parents.

If Jairus' daughter had spoken
Marjorie Macarthy
August 1986 Journal

Jesus said I was not dead.
He knew the light of Life shone in my heart.
The voice of Truth, with awakening touch,
Spoke with dominion, "Maid, arise."

That Word of God brought me, not back,
But forward to the revelation of where I'd always been,
Always am, always will be - living in God.
I did not  live again but never died.

The warmth of resurrection melts the frost of fear.
Love is the pasture where His lambs skip fearlessly.
Only the myth of mortality is consumed,
Never the one, the ever-present Life.

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