Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fly with both wings

I am going to attend a Christian Science Association meeting at the end of the summer. I took the course of Christian Science instruction many years ago. My teacher lived in New York city and that is where our annual Association day was held. He passed on some years ago and our group has gotten smaller and smaller. So I have chosen to attend other Associations as a guest on occasion. This year it will be here in Texas, a bit easier for me to get to. The speaker chose a very interesting topic based on a quote from Mrs. Eddy's writings. As many times as I have read Prose Works I was not familiar with this one. In part, it says "The bird whose right wing flutters to soar, while the left beats downward, falls to earth. Both wings must be plumed for ....upward flight." That gives me an image of those often conflicting thoughts that plague us as we pray about a situation. They are usually joined by the word 'but'. I believe in God as my source of unlimited supply...but...I just don't see it evident in my life. I believe in God as Truth...but...I seem to dealing with someone or something that is not honest. I believe in God as everpresent Love....but....I am alone or lonely or without friends or without family. And so on.

So, as I prepare for this talk I am listening carefully for those opposing views that would seem to work against one another. I want both 'wings' strong and pulling upward. I don't just want to glide along, I want to be able to soar.

This morning, reading an talk someone gave about God's infinite card and supply I came upon the phrase 'here and now'. There are the ideas that 'plume both wings'. I can take the arguement I am dealing with and see that whatever it is I need is truly available 'here and now'. One 'wing' affirms that the answer I am praying for is 'here', I don't have to wait for it, it cannot be delayed, it will be clear and easy to understand. It is right here, right now. It is present in this place and at this time. I really like that.

I hope working with this idea might 'plume' your wings and give you the lift you need. If you've never read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, go find a copy. If you've never read Science and Health, today is a very good day to begin.

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