Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More lessons from an eagle

The Bible describes the mothering of an eagle to the way God, divine Love, cares for His children. I wanted to give this more thought. It is found in Deuteronomy 32:11.

The eagle stirs up her nest. The hatchlings have gotten pretty comfortable with their parents bringing them all their meals and protecting them day and night. Why would they ever want to leave the nest? We may get pretty comfortable with our spiritual progress at times. Things are going well, no one is ill, the bills are being paid, we show up for church each week. Why not just keep things the way they are? Because there must be growth and progress. Those little eagles must move forward demonstrating their own strength and progress. There is so much good ahead for each of us. If we don't choose to 'stir things up' on our own, error often finds a way to do it for us.

The eagle fluttereth over her young. As she moves her wings, all the dust and debris in the nest rises up and blows away. But the most wonderful part is that by fluttering above them, she is encouraging them to look up! Up to now, they have existed in that little bowl of a nest. Now they know there is more to the world.

Now that they have been prodded to move about, growing stronger; and to recognize a wider world around them; they are to follow her example and venture out. She does not abandon them, but flies right with them, bearing them up on her own back if necessary.

Divine Love is doing all this for us. No one can force you to give up any of the things you have already understood and demonstrated. You learned how to walk and that cannot be taken from you causing weak ankles or damaged bones. Your love for Truth has led you to witness many healings; for yourself, for those around you, among church members. Each instance should make it easier to rely on God for every human need. He is amazingly wonderful. It is His will for us to have all good. He gives us grace for each day.

Thank you, eagles, for your wisdom and example. Thank you, Father, for loving me unconditionally. Let me be grateful for all the nurturing and provision when I needed it, thank you for the gentle prodding and reminders to 'look up'. Thank you for encouraging me to have a widen sphere of thought and action. Thank you for Your arms underneath, around and encompassing me always. Thank you for showing me how to 'fly'.

Soar and sing

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