Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year...and a new last name

We all love new beginnings. I had an interesting insight this morning, as I read this week's Bible Lesson about God. It centers around the Ten Commandments. These are very familiar and the temptation is to just gloss over them, but that is when it is most important to remain teachable and look for new levels of meaning.

As I read the Third Commandment, you will not take God's name in vain, an angel message came so clearly. "Candace, when you identify yourself as God's child, when you spiritually see that you are Candace Bar Abba or the beloved child of your Father in heaven, you claim all the rights and benefits that go with being a member of His family."

How differently my day might go if all day long I chose to think of myself as Candace Bar Abba, in effect taking on that name and all it includes. I would also be seperating myself from the identity of someone who is connected with human inheritances and tendencies. No hereditary flaws or characteristics have ever attached themselves to me. I am not that person. I am not that child. All my true relatives are also God's family and reflect only good qualities and behaviors. We all love one another in the highest sense of family.

Should you decide to accept this Truth, you cannot 'take God's name' as your own name in vain. Divine Love loves you completely and unconditionally. You will always have all you need and every human need will be provided and met. From your Father Mother God.

Now, I have no plans to go down to the DMV and change the name on my driver's license but as I go through this day I believe I will remind myself often of who I really am and what that means. And this is information imparted to me from God Himself in the form of one of His commandments. I just hadn't thought about that way before.



Kristen Harrison said...

In my study of the 3rd section today, it dawned on me that we have always been told that the Word has power. The word for a thing represents the idea of a thing more clearly than any single physical representation because it's more closely linked to an idea, a concept. So it naturally makes sense that you should show respect to the word or words that represent God - because how you speak about a thing is a very perceptible demonstration of how you feel about it. How you treat a word mirrors how you feel about it and can actually affect how you experience and perceive it.

Likewise, the previous commandment is the flip side of the same coin. If the word is more powerful than any physical example of a thing, we are reminded that you can't reduce God to any physical representation, and it is disrespectful to try. We should be working to resolve things into thoughts... not limit thoughts by making them into things.

To speak of God disrespectfully or picture God as physical are both incorrect. It confuses your understanding, however casually or innocently meant and that is never a good idea.

My thoughts tonight as I can't get to sleep...


J.J. said...

Wonderful revelation, thank you for sharing this beautiful divine inspiration!