Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Caller ID

My grandchildren do not remember a time when they could answer the phone and not see who was calling. In our house, it even shows up on the tv! A recent metaphysical article in the Christian Science Monitor posed the question: wouldn't it be wonderful to have a similar ID check of the thoughts that come throughout our day? If it's God...you better 'pick up the phone'! Actually, He is always sending up angel messengers and messages. But those ideas that come that do not originate with Him don't need to be listened to or obeyed. Now that's a comforting thought.

Each of us has a spiritual sense that guides us to see the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Mrs. Eddy describes it as 'the constant, conscious capacity to understand God'. Success comes with practice.

One example of this in the Bible occured when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. In each case, he recognized that it was not God, good, speaking to him, tempting him to worship and obey matter. He refused to get into a discussion with it and the temptations stopped.

AS we begin a new year, with new opportunties and an expectancy of good, we can be alert and aware of just who it is that is 'calling'. We can watch our thinking. If you need help or inspiration, turn to the Bible. All the answers you need are there. For dedicated growth, take some time with the weekly Bible lessons. Over the years I have gained quite a bit of knowledge adn familiarity with the Bible and its characters from reading these lessons. Many times, those stories have uplifted me and led to healings.

One thing I want to be better about this year is not to give in to impulse buying, making poor choices for the wrong reasons. If it is a right purchase, I need to walk around the store a bit and really think it through. I have already discovered in the past year how much better it is to try and find a book at the library first, instead of just ordering a copy off the internet. Once I've read it, I can always get my own copy later. I am doing the same things with DVDs. Too many times, I bought one on some recommendation or another and been disappointed. Now, I try to borrow it from someone first. A small thing, but an attempt not to be influenced erroneously. A sort of checking out that Caller ID first.

The Monitor article concluded with this thought: "There's no situation so complicated, no pit so deep, no problem so long-standing that can't be redeemed through understanding God's supreme control of our lives."

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