Wednesday, January 7, 2009


There were a couple of movies that were standouts in our household in 2008. We all loved KungFu Panda and its simple message that there is no secret ingredient, it's you. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend that you order Chinese take out and watch it.

The other movie that we watched a bazillion times and no doubt will continue to watch was Wall-E. The movie is sweet and funny and very well done. Everyone found a special character they liked. So what does this have to do with spirituality? I'll tell you.

This morning I was reading the Bible Lesson and got to Second Three. I noticed that it begins with a question that basically asks who is God that we should serve Him and what will we profit if we pray to Him. Good question. The next citation gives a wonderful answer about prayer and what it can accomplish. It can save the sick because God will raise him up and if mistakes and errors are the problem, God will forgive. Mrs. Eddy sums it up like this: "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avialeth much".

The Lesson goes on to Jesus as what he accomplished as he went around preaching and teaching. Then...and this is the part I wanted to share with you...he calls his disciples to him and gives them their mission. In the movie Wall-e both of the robots are intent on doing what they have been created to do...fulfill their directive. Wall-E scoops up and condenses trash that is covering the city and uses the blocks to build. Eva has been sent out to find signs of life to show that the Earth can be repopulated. Both are dedicated to doing what they have been created and designed to do. Now, how would you define your 'directive'? What have you been created and designed to do by God? How much time and effort are you spending on fulfilling your directive? A great deal depends on it. We all have our part in the grand design.

It is a very childlike movie and one should be in an open frame of mind. Just as we should be ever open to learning as we study the Lesson each day, read the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings, and put them into practice. I will be thinking about my directive today and hope you are cherishing yours.

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