Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A funny thought

Years ago, when I was living in the Boston area, I got into watching professional hockey. I loved the game and marveled at how those players could do what they did on ice. Several members of that team became favorites, including the amazing Bobby Orr. One of the players was pretty feisty and loved to stir things up. As a result, he seemed to be a target for every team that came to town, and their teams 'enforcer' would go after him.

There was also an awesome defenseman for the Bruins named Teddy Green, who resembled someone I knew, someone totally unlike a hockey player, so it was funny to watch this guy do his thing. NOBODY wanted to mess with him. He watched the new kid get slammed each game and one night, when things were getting pretty rough, he intervened, telling the other defenseman...if you want to get to the kid, you have to go through me. And the other guy backed off.

This morning I was reading a devotional, a book with daily Bible verses and comments and a reference was made to how God, divine Love, is always going before us. And it struck me funny to picture Him telling any form of error, disease, or lack....if you want to get to her, you have to go through Me. Actually, that's a pretty comforting thought. God is there for me and no one and nothing is going to get past Him. And He is there for you too.

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