Friday, March 20, 2009

Calm yourself, Iago

When things appear to be getting out of hand, I often pray with this verse, Psalms 46:10. "Be still, and know that I am God".

There is a moment in the Disney version of Aladdin when the evil Sorcerer's parrot is having a fit about what is going on. There is a long stream of complaints until the Sorcerer uses his fingers to close the bird's beak and say, "Calm yourself, Iago". I laugh every time. And when I find that I need to calm thought for myself or someone else, I think about this. It is my response for the first still. It is only in perfectly still water that you get that clear reflection that so exactly matches the original. Be still. Stop fussing, stop fidgeting, stop trying to fix matter, stop complaining. Just be still. Quiet. Noiseless. Soundless. Motionless. It is in this kind of stillness that one can really listen for angel messages. This is when you hear divine Love's answer.

Having found this stillness, the next part is to 'know'. What is it we are to know? Mrs. Eddy assures us "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free". The truth about God being All in all. Filling all space. Always present. For everyone. In absolute control. Giving His child dominion. God, the source of all power. God as the only cause and Creator. All of God's creation being very good. No illness. No pain. No conflict. No lack. No inharmony. No confusion. No fear. Most of all, no fear. Knowing that God can and will take care of every human need removes any sense of fear. There is nothing to be fearful about. We can trust Him. We can rely on His perfect plan.

When God gave Moses a way to address Him, a way to describe Him to others He said: "I AM THAT I AM". I AM. Present tense. What a tremendous concept to 'get', that God IS. Right here. Right now. I AM in charge. I AM providing all you need. I AM the source of all good. I AM your God and you are My image and likeness, just like Me in every way. Just like the image in the mirror exactly shows the original. If it isn't true about the Original, it can't show up on the reflection, whatever 'it' claims to be.

Be still. Know. I AM.
Calm yourself, Iago

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