Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nazareth or Capernaum response?

In the 3rd section of this week's Bible lesson Jesus meets with two very different responses to his words. He had been traveling and then returned to his home in Nazareth. He went to the synogogue and taught. The people of Nazareth were surprized by his gracious words but they had known him growing up there and all they could see was the son of Joseph the carpenter. Surely, this person could not be the Messiah. They became angry and attempt to harm him, but he passed among them and went his way.

He finds a different response when he visits Capernaum. Again he goes to the synogogue and preaches. But here they feel his power and their response is to bring any that were sick to him for healing. And every one was healed. After a while, he prepares to move on and they follow him, asking him to stay with them. But he knows he must continue his ministry.

Two very different reactions to hearing about our relationship with God. One cold and judgmental, the other receptive and open, drinking in his words and desiring more. This section is about the path we choose to walk and the way we choose to walk in it. It fits beautifully with an article in this week's Sentinel entitled Foot Prints. I will pray with this section of our lesson and ponder the beautiful Sentinal article as I walk my path today.

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