Friday, July 30, 2010


Do you have a daily devotional buddy? Someone who shares an uplifting thought? Do you spend a few moments with the Bible every day? Some time ago I became familiar with devotionals, books put together with daily entries of inspiring thoughts, often Bible based. I keep a few devotionals near my desk. Here are some entries for July 30 to show you how it works.

Simple Abundance. This was the first devotional I actually read everyday for a year. The entry for today talks about habits. Nothing dies harder that a bad habit. If you are honest with yourself you know this is not good for you but what you are indulging in meets some need. Even if they are not life-threatening, like smoking, they certainly are not life-enhancing. As you chose to turn to God or pick up the Bible on a regular basis you will be able to overcome and replace those bad habits with precious time. When you can treat yourself more kindly, it will spiral out to include others as well.

Streams in the Desert. This one was written in 1925 by Mrs. Charles Cowman during her years of missionary work in Japan and China. It truly shows you God message for each day. Today's entry is all about that cup of cold water in Matt 10:42. As we pass through this world any good work, any kindness or service you can render, do it now. Do not neglect or defer these random acts. It includes a poem that says it isn't what you do but what you leave undone. A tender work unspoken, the email you might have written, the flowers you might have sent. Was there a stone you could have moved out of a friend's way? Did you pause long enough to listen to someone needing a friendly ear? It's not the things you do, it is what you leave undone. Give what you have.

Browze in the aisle where devotionals are kept at any bookstore or at your local library. Look devotionals up on the internet. There are so many to choose from. They will help you become comfortable with those few moments a day with God. My church provides a weekly Bible lesson. Studying it over the last 40 years has helped me become familiar with the Bible. It has lead me to my healing practice. Do you own a Bible? Where do you keep it? Prop it up on the kitchen counter open to a different place each day. If a particular book of the Bible resonates with you, you can purchase it on its own. Put it in your purse or brief case or glove compartment. When you are stuck in a line or in traffic pull it out. See how others pray. That devotional thought might be exactly what you need at some point that day.

What are you devoted to?

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