Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Every problem in the human experience can be healed through Love.

As we continue to study the Bible lessons, we are learning about the seven synonyms Mrs. Eddy has given us for God. This week it is God as Love. It starts right off with God's promises to each of us that He will remove fear, restore health, and care for us as a shepherd cares for his flock.

We read about King David, who has wandered into sin. He sees Bathsheba washing herself one night and instead of handling those lustful feelings, he indulges them. When she tells him that she is pregnant, he tries to cover their adultery with another sin, he arranges for her husband to be killed in battle. All this 'displeases' God who sends the prophet Nathan to snap David out of this behavior. David, awakened from his sinful ways, deeply repents his actions, asking God's forgiveness. He asks to be 'washed throughly', repeated cleansing to restore his purity. He asks for a new heart and a new spirit. He is truly and deeply repentent. This story shows how divine Love reforms those who think they have committed unforgiveable sins. David is restored in his purity and goodness. The child they conceived did not survive, but they have a second son, Solomon the wise, who will go on to build the Temple of Jerusalem. David is remembered for all his good qualities and it is from his descendants that the Messiah will come.

There's so much more in this lesson that I will continue on tomorrow with the wonderful news that eveyone who has strayed will be lovingly brought back by the shepherd.

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