Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't be out voted!

Most of our country is focused on the election taking place today. But there is another vote we can be aware of and it is referred to in this week's Bible Lesson, Mortality and Immortality. I just love it when I read a familiar passage in the Bible and find something new and wonderful. That happened this morning as I read Joshua 14. In this chapter Joshua is approached by his friend Caleb who reminds him of something that happened 45 years ago. They were 40 years old at the time and proven soldiers. Moses sent them on ahead to scout out the Promised Land of Canaan. They had arrived at its border and were unsure of what they would find there. Of the 'committee' sent to check it out, only Joshua and Caleb came back with glowing reports and a willingness to move forward. The others saw only the size and strength of those who would oppose them. They were out-voted and spent the next two decades wandering in the wilderness.

How many of us come right up to the border of a healing message? We have prayed about something and are waiting for the angel message. But the material picture is so powerful, the opposition so strong, the arguements so persuasive that this situation will not yield, that we will not be able to overcome this 'enemy', that we, too, believe we have been out-voted and we back away from the healing Truth.

Joshua and Caleb remained strong in their understanding of God and His divine plan of unceasing good. It seemed like the fearful, uncertain thinking of the others needed time to let go of all they had believed to be true about themselves during their 'Egypt' years of captivity. Don't be afraid to be lead out of 'Egypt' thinking. Remember who it is that is leading you! Trust in the place He has picked out for you. Move forward unafraid. Nothing can stand in your way, nothing can resist this good. And for heaven's sake, don't allow yourself to be out-voted by the doubts, whether they come disguised as your own thoughts or the opinions of those around you.  Stick to what you know to be true.

Joshua understood that he was not subject to that intimidating thought. You can know that you are not subject to (fill in the blank) either. God is your Father and Life is the law of your being. What you 'be' is determined by divine Mind and cannot be reversed or revert to something God never made. Be. Being is present tense. It is what is true right now.

Reach for those 'higher conceptions of loveliness', 'exempt from age and decay'. And DO NOT be out-voted.

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