Friday, November 23, 2012

Seeds of peace

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we were just grateful all day long for our many blessings and for having so many of the college kids over to share the feast and the festivities. It was the perfect christening for our 'hot chocolate station'. Our Emily introduces us to this idea and now we set up an area with hot chocolate mixes, chocolate chips, festive and funny mugs, marshmellows, little candy canes, etc. Anyone who comes by fixes up some hot chocolate or flavared teas or hot apple cider.

This morning I woke up humming a hymn and thinking about Christmas decorating. It will take a while to put away all our growing collection of Thanksgiving things and much longer to put out Christmas but we do it slowly over this weekend and it is fun and peaceful.  I found the perfect 'theme' for today's spiritual thinking in the Responsive Reading of this week's Bible Lesson. It is from James 3:18.....And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.  Since I think of righteousness and right thinking or Truth knowing, this is exactly how I want to approach today and the rest of this holiday weekend.

How often we slip, let down our guard, rest on our oars, and sow the wrong kind of seeds in our thoughts or our conversation. It starts innocently enough as we make an off hand comment or sarcastic remark. But unchecked it is sowing the wrong kinds of seeds and will lead to a very unhappy harvest of discord and inharmony. So I will watch what comes into my thoughts and out of my mouth. Truth and Truth only will be the goal. Good seeds of tenderness and compliments and appreciation.

I will choose to listen for the angels singing and shut out any Herod-like criticism. I will follow the star and see that it leads me to the Christ child, a journey worth taking. I will be patient when I feel like those shepherds watching their flocks day and night and cherish that role as protector and provider. I will take time to be alone with God even in the midst of crowds, crowds of people or crowded thoughts. I will be a "Mary" and spiritualize my concepts about man. I will have the trust in good of a "Joseph" as he nurtures his family.Whenever it comes to mind I will pray for peace on earth, goodwill toward men.

These are the seeds of peace and I welcome the blessings they will bring.  Happy sowing!

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