Monday, November 12, 2012

A new week - a new lesson to look forward to

It it always interesting to see how these rotating topics can remain fresh and filled with new inspiration. We study the same 26 topics, in the same order, twice a year, sometimes for many years, and yet there is always more to learn, more to see, more to understand. A wonderful promise awaits each week. I felt that strongly this morning. I love to 'preview' the lesson on Sunday afternoon when I mark my books with the new Lesson and go over it in my full text Quarterly to see what ideas jump out. Then on Monday morning I love to start this portion of my daily study by reading the excellent column provided in the Sentinel called In the Christian Science Bible Lesson. There are always good points brought out and today I just loved the idea that I can think of 'body' not so much as my own individual body but I can expand on that thought to see all of us who are studying and practicing Christian Science as a 'body'. Like a 'body of work', God's body of work with His infinite ideas and reflections. It put a whole new spin on the sections of the Lesson. A community of ideas.

Then I listened to the Daily Lift, a free service provided by The Mother Church. It comes to me as an email, a short (usually less than 5 minutes) daily boost recorded by one of the members of our Board of Lectureship. A mini lecture, if you will. Today's Daily Lift referred to listening to a symphony and included the idea of each one of us, each individual idea of divine Mind, having something valuable to add to the symphony. I know very little about classical music but can appreciate the idea that to those who know the music, they would be aware if one of the instruments was not represented. The symphony is enriched by each one's contribution. Each having something valuable to add. I like that. It makes my little part of value to God and to a bigger circle, a wider sphere of thought and action.

How grateful I am for all the avenues open to us in this marvelous age of technology. All circling back to the revelations and demonstrations of a remarkable woman, Mary Baker Eddy. I love being part of that 'body' and I look forward to a week of seeing more about my true substance, life, and intelligence.

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