Monday, November 19, 2012

Loving generously

On Saturday morning, the only day Mike and Ian can sleep in, they chose instead to be up bright and early to return to the neighborhoods where they had left bags for donations of canned and boxed foods. They had no idea how many might respond but by the time they returned to the parking lot where all the scouts were meeting up, everyone's cars was filled with bags. No one person made a huge donation but looking at all the bags lined up and ready to take to the food bank one could see 'loving generously' alive and well. Mike and Ian gave generously of their time and effort and they felt very happy with the results.

This week's Sentinel , Praising God, begins with an article entitled Thanks Living and Praise Giving. The author wrote something that I copied into my daily journal. He was describing the time Paul and Silas had been imprisoned, locked in stocks deep below ground. They didn't give in to anger or fear or accusations. They sang and praised God. Everyone in the prison heard them and suddenly there was an earthquake that shook the foundations and everyone cells opened. Many of the prisoners ran away but Paul and Silas chose to comfort the prison keeper who was ready to kill himself for failing in his duty. They put personal safety and freedom aside and loved generously. This active practice of their religion deeply impressed the jailer. He and his family became followers of the Christ.

I was thinking this morning about my love for Christian Science. Am I following the example of Paul and Silas and 'loving generously'?  How can we show our love for this life-changing Science of the Christ? I love our church services. I will look for more opportunities to invite others to attend with me. I love our Sunday school. I am on the substitute teacher list and will be sure I am ready and willing at a moment's notice to step in when needed. I love our periodicals and often share issues or articles with others. I recently sent the issue on praying for those who serve in the military to a young soldier I know. Our lectures have always been precious to me as I can remember how hearing a lecturer define prayer* just burned that into my mind and gave me the conviction that Christian Science was the answer I had been seeking. How could I not want to offer others that opportunity!

And most important of all, I keep copies of the Bible and Science and Health handy to offer whenever I can. I know how it changed my life and continues to bless me in so many ways. I want to love others generously by giving them their own set of books.

The article in this week's Sentinel also says, "God-praising is acting on the impulse of inspired appreciation". As we all take time to praise God during our day, we will be impelled to share our appreciation. It's a wonderful thing to know that no matter how my finances appear, I can always love generously. And so can you.

*Prayer is cultivating that state of awareness that acknowledges the allness of God.

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