Friday, April 5, 2013

Are you ready? Water or wine?

I make it a part of  my morning routine to read an article from The Christian Science Sentinel and an aricle from The Christian Science Journal. Not surprisingly, they usually contain exactly the thought I will need that day. This morning I was challenged by a Journal article, 'And the third day...', by Penny Witney. She wrote about some of the experiences Bible characters had on the 'third day', Abraham learns he is not required to sacrifice his son Isaac, Moses is called up to the mountain to recieve the Ten Commandments, Saul is healed of his blindness on the road to Damascus. She points out that this is not a message about waiting for something to happen but shows a present response to the goodness of God.

In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy's definition of 'Day' includes the thought that '...Mind measures time accordintg to the good that is unfolded. This unfolding is God's day....'.  I have always loved that sense of my day being the unfolding of good from my Father Mother God. Much as I would plan a day for my children or 'grands' in which their day would be filled with good things, so is God doing that for each of us.

What startled me was another thought from that articlel. It is a question I will be pondering today. The question is posed, in reference to Jesus' first recorded miracle when he turned the water into wine at a wedding feast, "Would I have been able to turn water into wine that day? Is my thought always at the level of "third day thinking" - which is really an immediate acknowledgment of the Christ consciousness at work and practical?"  Wow! Am I praying daily to see that I am always capable of 'third day' thinking because God is the only Mind and I am His reflection?  Am I ready and willing to turn 'water' into 'wine'?

The glossary in Science and Health defines 'wine' as inspiration, understanding. Am I always ready to turn the 'water of human experience' into the wine of spiritual understanding? It's a tall order but one well worth cultivating. Yesterday I got an early start and was pretty confident that I knew how my day was going to unfold. It didn't go that way at all!  I found myself doing some things around the house, changing some decorations and cleaning an unused room. I had thought about those things but figured I'd get to them eventually. God had other plans. I just suddenly knew it was right to do them and they got done quickly and easily. Not only that, but I felt very inspired while I was doing them and very at peace.

A lot of good unfolded yesterday and I fully expect more will unfold today as God turns the 'water' of my day into 'wine'.  Are you up for the challenge?

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