Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Choose wisely

There is a great scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies where the 'bad' guy is faced with a choice. He has found the water of life and is faced with an array of cups and chalices, one of which is the Holy Grail. He must choose one and dip it into the fountain and drink. He is evil and chooses an ornate chalice. When he drinks from it, he dies. The knight who has guarded the treasure for centuries says simply, "He chose poorly".  Our Bible lesson this week on Unreality is all about making choices.

Who do we choose to obey and serve as God? We are faced with this decision all day long as error presents itself in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. We listen to the morning news. What do we choose to take in as truth? What do we choose to pray about and see as unreal because not originating with God who is good? We look at our day and choose what our activities will be. Will I start out with the lesson or will I wait and fit it in later in the day? Do I pray for myself first thing so my thought is clear and in line with divine Mind or do I just get going on that long to-do list? I get a phone call and listen to a friend pour out a grievance. Do I nod my head in agreement or do I mentally pray to only see what is true about the situation? Do I think I have my day all planned out and suddenly, along comes Goliath?

Goliath made a choice. He chose to invade a small people and bully them into submission, defying their God and their beliefs. Usuallly when I read this story I am thinking about the choices David has made. This young man chooses to stand up against the gigantic professinal warrior. David chooses to meet him without benefit of armour or sword. David chooses to understand that he is fullly supported by his God who will protect him, as He has already done while David defended his family's flock of sheep from predators and bandits. This is just a bigger lie, suggesting a power other than God is present and a threat. David chooses not only to not believe that, but to stand up for what is real and good. How often am I faced with Goliaths in the form of illness or lack or inharmony or fear? They may seem to loom large and threaten my well being, my supply, my peace, my security, even my faith. But they are still lies without any authority or power to do as they claim.

We live in a wonderful age with amazing technological advances that seem to connect us all in new and faster ways. Many limits are being ovecome, many problems are being solved, old ways of thinking are changing. But still the 'Goliaths' appear. Do we choose to bow down and obey them, do we wait for someone else to step forward, or do we run to meet the challenge with confidence in God?

When you find yourself facing a decision, stop and listen for God's answer....He is always present and ready to help....and then....choose wisely. And see that 'Goliath' fall.

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