Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bread, fish and wheels

This morning I was reading an article in the Christian Science Sentinel, a weekly publication that never fails to being me helpful spiritual ideas. (I provided a link for you if you'd like to know more about it) Near the end of the article the writer made this comment and it really started a chain of thought for me. He wrote, 'After all, Jesus didn't change the loaves and fishes into a seven-course banquet!'. Hmmm. What he did was generously meet the needs of a gathered multitude. Not once, but twice! He had spoken to them about God's great love for them, His constant tender care. In each instance there were thousands of listeners gathered; men, women and children. They had stayed with him for some time, satisfying their spiritual hunger and now their need was for something to eat. They were far from any market yet when the need became apparent someone came forward to offer freely of what they had. And that was more than enough to provide for them all, with leftovers. I'm sure some of those parents, probably humble everyday folks, were wanting to know how to meet their families needs. They were not asking for gourmet food or Starbucks coffee. They just wanted to know that this new way of understanding God and his provision would do this. In a form that made sense to them. Fish and bread. Jesus backed up his words with practical proof. And so can we.

Sometimes when we struggle with what appears to be a limited budget, an inadequate balance in the check book, shrinking savings, investments not giving us the financial return we hoped for, a frustrating employment situation with little room for advancement or pay raise, all those negatives connected with supply, what is it we expect God to do? Do we outline just how that need is going to be met or are we willing to trust that God, divine intelligence, already knows what we need before we ask. So if He knows, where is it? If He's opened up the windows of Heaven and pouring it out, why can't I see it? Just where does the change take place? Always it is in thought, in a new way of seeing God as the unlimited source of supply and our connection to Him as His beloved child.

While doing some research in the reading room yesterday I came across an interesting way to think of God and supply. Written many years ago the illustration referred to a factory. In it there is a main wheel that is always in motion. All smaller wheels become active when they are connected to it. The main wheel keeps going, ever ready to give power. What is required is unity with the main this case Our Father, God. He never withholds good. It is His holy nature to be pouring it out constantly. Where is it all going? Directly to His beloved children.

So today reach out, as you pray, and see that you are connected with this Source. Rejoice that it is right here, right now. Know that God is giving you the wisdom and strength to know it. Keep your thought open to seeing your human needs met in unexpected and wonderful ways. And above all remember to say 'thank you'.

Go in peace