Thursday, August 16, 2007

seven tools to help you pray

Science and Health includes a glossary that contains spiritual interpretations of Bible terms. The defintion for God includes seven synonyms that can be used when praying; Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth and Love. I often work with a thought from the Bible or from Science and Health substituting these other names for God. This morning I was reading the Watch Prayer given my Mrs. Eddy to the readers of The Mother Church in 1902. It begins; "God, good, reigns! There is no other mind".

So my prayers today will revolve around working with this sentence and expanding it by using the synonms. To reign is to prevail or dominate. For example, Principle, or the laws of good, reign. That means that the laws of God are in operation today for each of us. There are no other laws that can affect us, influence us, or change what God has prepared for them who love Him. Mind, or divine intelligence, reigns. There is no other mind but God's, doing all the knowing and what He knows is the goodness of all He created. That is the mind I reflect as His image and likeness. Because Mind is always present I can never be absent-minded or forgetful. I can always knows just what I need to know at every moment. Soul, or the spiritual senses, reign. Vision, hearing, feeling are qualities of Soul so I reflect clear sight, sharp hearing, true beauty,and happiness. Spirit reigns! My true identity is spiritual and substantial. I have an unblemished identity as God's very image and likeness, and so does everyone else. Life reigns! God is always expressing Himself so my life is full and whole and good, filled with right activity, strength, vitality. Truth reigns! Only what is true about God and His creation can be expressed in my life today as honesty in how I deal with others and how they interact with me. Love reigns! That means I am loved, loving and lovable.

You get the idea. Try doing this for yourself and the things you are praying about. Keep it simple or expand on it This is your time with God.

Go in peace times seven.

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