Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chrsitmas and gift giving

I plan to give all kinds of gifts today. My actual Christmas shopping is already done, most of the presents wrapped, those going out of state mailed. So what I want to do today is give freely and joyfully today.

I'll start with my morning prayers and strive to see everyone everywhere embraced in divine Love. There are so many ways to give. I can help with the hectic breakfast round here, lending a hand or a happy thought. As I go about my day I can let someone else go ahead of me in line, point somewhere to where they can find something, smile at a stranger, greet a friend warmly, show kindness, be a place of calm in the midst of chaos. I can take the time to pray for comfort and joy to those who seem without home or hope. I can walk above the storm and invite others into my peace.

Some gifts are for others. Some are for myself. I can stop what I am doing and fully appreciate the beauty of a Christmas carol playing on the radio. I can savor the moment when I open a Christmas card and read the message. I can prepare meals lovingly and with a full heart. I can be so grateful that most of my family is nearby. I can know that there is a special place in my heart and daily thoughts for those who do not. I can be aware of the many gifts God has already showered on me and know that Love is infinite. I can cherish my religion and the right to practice it freely. I can be happy with who I am right now.

See how many gifts you can bestow today. It feels wonderful.

Go in peace.

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