Sunday, December 30, 2007

Different versions of the Bible

Thank you, anonymous, for that comment on a study for 2008. I love your idea to read a Bible through and the Message Bible is an excellent choice. Mrs. Eddy owned many Bibles and referred to them as she studied. I have about half a dozen myself. The Message Bible in modern English makes for comfortable reading. I have never learned to read another language but am told that it is a challenge to translate things from one language to another because words can have many meanings. I have read the Kings James version right through.

In 2008 I will be giving a series of Bible talks for an assisted living facility in a nearby town. Over the years I have done this in several places, not all Christian Science facilities. This one has a small group of residents of many faiths. I look forward to our walk through the Bible, focusing on the main characters. We begin in January with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Are any of you involved in Bible study groups? Many moons ago I went through the letters of Paul in Bible Study Fellowship at the invitation of a neighbor. Interesting to hear what others think of Paul and his writings. The best seminar I attended on Paul was given by Laura Pleming. I am also a big fan of Cobby Crisler's Bible talks.

Had a New Year's Day menu all planned but woke up this morning with a whole new concept so will redo my menu ideas. Should be a relaxed day, beginning with the traditional viewing of the Rose Parade. Our church group once got involved in decorating floats. Quite an experience.

Enjoy these last few days of 2007 and think of all the good things that came your way.

Go in peace.

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