Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodness has everything to do with it

Are you struggling with something today? This week's Bible lesson may have your answer. I just shared some of its ideas with someone and decided that could be the basis for today's blog. Starting with the Golden Text and running all the way through is the fact of God's goodness. It blesses all of His ideas, eliminates the presence of anything unlike good, denies power to that which would claim to be able to harm us or those we love.

There is an interesting progression in the lesson. We begin with God showing Moses His goodness, letting it pass right before him. This was not literally face to face, but to show this was different from a vision or dream. In the next section, King Nebuchadnezzar is plagued by nighmares. He calls upon all his court wisemen to tell him what they mean but they insist that no one could possible do that. He orders them all put to death, but Daniel intervenes and offers to solve the mystery if the King will give him a little time. Daniel uses this time to pray, he does not attempt to figure it out by human means or methods, he turns to divine Mind. Daniel gets his answer and in turn gives it to the King. But before going to the King Daniel gives thanks to God for His goodness. The next few illustrations concern Jesus and his ability to see good present in all of God's children.

Try spending this day thinking about God's great goodness. Ponder how good fills all space, is the force behind all action, meets every need. Look for evidence of good around you. Know that you, as His image and likeness, reflect goodness yourself. Expect a good outcome.

Go in peace.

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