Monday, February 11, 2008

Soul - Hospitality

Continuing with the weekly study of the Bible lesson, we get to God as Soul. I usually think of Soul as representing the spiritual faculties , such as true vision, acute hearing, feeling and emotion. But this lesson brings out something new for me. It shows what a recent Sentinel article referred to as 'gracious hospitality'. God's loving provision for each of His ideas. Understanding this and applying in my own life brings a sense of joy, the feeling of something wonderful to rejoice about.

There are such images! A wilderness blossoming with colorful flowers. A refreshing stream appearing in a desert. The garden of the Lord. And there I am, resting in 'green pastures'. The first section shows how God feels about us: "I will plant them in this land assuredly, with my whole heart and with my whole soul'.

So this week we will read about guest and hospitality, seen in a spiritual light. God's loving provision, all day and all night. Infinite resources. Freedom from discomfort or fear. We will see how Elijah was the guest of a woman who appreciated his spirituality. He in turn restores her son to life through prayer. We will see how Jesus provided hospitality for a multitude who had gathered in the wilderness to hear him speak. We will hear from Paul, anticipating a trip to Spain. And the lesson winds up with describing the kingdom of heaven.

Should be a great week!

Be at peace.

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