Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soul -

A hello and thanks to an anonymous commenter. You posed a thoughtful question and when I answered you at length, the computer did not allow me to contact you. Sorry about that. The question was about Mrs. Eddy's use of certain synonyms grouped together when referring to the trinity. She certainly did pray long and hard about what words she chose and used. I would never presume to second guess anything she wrote. Her place as Discoverer and Founder and Leader is established. I love all seven synonyms and use them often in my work and prayers as a practitioner, for myself and for patients. They expand my understanding of God and my relationship to Him. How fortunate we are to study them twice a year, always with a fresh insight of their meaning.

This week we are reading about Soul with an emphasis on joy and rejoicing. Our wilderness experiences can actually be a time of refining our thoughts and seeing our prayers result in growth and fruition. Here in Texas, at this time of the year, our backyard looks a bit like a wilderness. But there is much going on below the surface. Soon our lovely wildflowers will appear in waves of color. Beautiful and seemingly effortless. Often they grow where there is little else. The seeds disperse by the wind or wildlife. Whole fields of blue bonnets present a vivid picture of abundance.

It is at times like that when one makes a joyful noise unto God. We rejoice in this visible sign of the infinite ideas of divine Mind filling His creation. Have you every really looked at a wildflower? Such loving detail. And these are just humble plants that last for a few weeks and then disappear. How much more are we treasured as Love's own children! Our Father Mother cares for us tenderly, protects us constantly, guides us unfailingly. Makes our wilderness bloom. Shows us streams in the desert. Creates us to dwell in peacable homes and green pastures. He is our God and we are His beloved ideas. That is the covenant or agreement between us.

Studying God as Soul brings harmony and calm and poise. It helps us embrace the blessings being showered on us so we can stop worrying about making things happen on our own. Yet there are times we feel so depressed and disturbed. The Psalmist asks "Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you disquieted within me?" The remedy is "hope in God". He watches us with loving kindness all day. At night, we can turn to hymns for comfort.

Today be alert and watchful for the joys of Soul as they flow all around you.

Be at peace.

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