Monday, February 4, 2008

Spirit - Babel and babble

We continue working with the synonyms for God, this week focusing on Spirit. I thought at first that it was strange to include the story of Babel. But deeper study has brought out some insights. This account is an ancient Hebrew explanation of the diversity of human language, as well as the dispersion of the human race. It takes place in Babylon, represented as the original center of human civilization after the Flood. The city contained some of the most remarkable achievements in buildings but the Jews found them repugnant, being associated with idolatry. Their erection was regarded as rebellious against God. In the story, God confounds the language of those who attempted to build a tower that would reach Heaven itself. In another section of this lesson we read how this incident was reversed by the gift of Pentecost.

There was no stone available in that part of the world so the blocks were made from the dust of the ground mixed with other materials. That brings to mind the two accounts of creation given in the beginning of Genesis. These people were building with the dirt and without a firm foundation.

The building stopped when the workers could not understand one another. Eventually they chose to leave that place. Haven't we known times like that in our branch churches or within our families? Somehow, no matter what is said or how it is said, there is disagreement. Individuals just cannot seem to understand the other's point of view. When it cannot be worked out, they leave, go elsewhere.

I remember the first time I tried to read Science and Health. It was like a whole new language and the ideas were opposite to what I believed about God and myself at that time. Discouraged, I was tempted to just quit. But something in the book, something in the church services, something about the Christian Scientists I was meeting called to me. I was willing to keep at it because I wanted what they had. Healings came later.

Don't give up. Ask questions. Listen quietly for God's words. It will begin to make sense. You will experience healing, even some you weren't expecting. The babble will drop away and what remains is the 'still, small voice' of Truth. Assuring you that you are loved by Love itself.

Be at peace.

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