Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Songs - All things become new

Have you ever wished for a new lease on life, a new hairstyle, a new friend, a new bank balance? Try singing a new song. That is what this week's Bible lesson is all about.

We've already seen how Hezekiah went about establishing a new way of preparing his 'house', and how Jesus went about healing in a new way, loosing someone who had been bound to the same old song for 18 years. Today we'll talk about a man who came to visit Jesus, curious about this new way of thinking about the kingdom of heaven.

Nicodemus was a respected Pharisee and member of the ruling Sanhedrin. He had listened to Jesus and was aware of the storm of controversy surrounding his teachings. And yet, this radical thinker was healing all manner of sin and sickness among the people. Nicodemus felt he could not have had that effect unless he had God's backing. What really interested him was Jesus' words about baptism and those who would enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus' response was to tell him he needed to be 'born again', a new birth and a new beginning. A startling concept.

Here is the part that seems so utterly awesome to me. Those who turn to the Christ become new creatures, old things pass away and all things become new. Wow! Dissatisfied with your present body? This spiritual understanding can lead to healing and the revelation of your true identity as God's beloved child, divine Mind's very idea. And that idea was and is perfect, no physical problems to overcome. All those old ways of seeing and being pass away. All things become new. Dissatisfied with your present life? This spiritual understanding can lead to a better demonstration of supply, both financially and emotionally. All the ideas of Mind freely available to lead to solutions right here in the human experience. All things become new. Dissatisfied with your present spirituality? This spiritual understanding can lead to a whole new you, as you realize that you are and always have been the son or daughter of the King of heaven. With all that includes. All things become new. Your goodness and purity are intact. In fact, this section of the lesson has references to purity as the corner stone of all spiritual building and the purification of thought.

I love to work with the Beatitude mentioned in this section: Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Use 'see' in the sense of understanding something, oh I see. Then substitute all seven synonyms given for God. For they shall understand that Principle, the laws of God, are operating on our behalf. They shall understand Mind, and know only what Mind is knowing about us. They shall understand Soul and see how all the faculties and qualities are intact; vision, hearing, emotion, touch. They shall understand Spirit to be the only real substance, immortal, imperishable, no deterioration or aging. They shall understand Life as the activity of God expressing Himself, all goodness. They shall understand Truth and be able to apply it to any thing that comes up for healing. They shall understand Love and see themselves (and everyone else) as loving, lovable, and lovely.

All things are become new. Worthy of a new song!

Be at peace.

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