Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Truth - Manna and Quail

Yesterday I wrote about Moses turning aside to see the burning bush, having a conversation with God and being sent to Pharoah to let the people go. The next section of the lesson picks up this story after they have crossed the Red Sea and begun their journey to freedom. They are on the Sinai peninsula, a vast limestone plateau that was almost waterless and bare of vegetation. After a brief stop at Elim, a Wadi with sparse palms and some water holes, they continue on. They have been on the march for about a month and a half and the novelty is wearing off. They begin to 'murmur'. They must begin to let go of their former life and trust in the Lord for provision. Hungry and thirsty, they look back instead to their days of slavery where they were at least fed. Moses turns to God in prayer and is given a promise. They will have food provided every day.

How often we pray for something and when the answer comes it is not in the form we expected. Not only are they given meat, but quails appear. Their meat is considered a delicacy. In other words they did not get your everyday chicken. In a single season, 160,000 birds have been netted in this area. But not at this season. God employed a natural means in providing deliverence from hunger. The miracle was not in a new creation, but in the timely arrival and vast quantities.

They also recieved 'daily bread' in what they called manna. It would appear, fresh every morning, on the ground. They could gather as much as they needed but it only lasted for that day. A new supply appeared the next day and every day... for 40 years. This appearing could not be explained as a natural occurance.

So when we pray we do not have to inform God of our needs or wants. He already knows. It is His good pleasure to provide for us. We may ask for 'bread and water' but He provides manna and quail. We can look to God daily for whatever we need. What the children of Israel needed 40 eyars to 'unlearn' was false reliance on evil masters. What they gained was total trust in God, good and their true status as cherished children of God. He is Our Father and He gives us grace for today.

Be at peace.

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