Friday, January 4, 2008

Stay afloat, little cork

Today I am praying with the idea of corks. A cork will float in any water because of its qualities. You can only sink it by weighing it down. It is not hard to accept God as Spirit and spiritual but it is more challenging to see ourselves as spiritual, in His image and likeness. Yet, that is the truth presented in the Bible and the starting point for prayerful healing. It would be impossible to weigh down a spiritual idea. There is nothing to attach that weight to.

Jesus showed this concept to his disciples when he came to them, walking on water, right in the midst of a storm. He did not sink, but remained above the water, unaffected by the violence of the wind and waves. He did not get weighed down by the fear of the disciples and what they were thinking. He brought them into his sense of peace.

The dictionary has a second definition for cork; to stop or seal, to restrain or hold back. Which definition of cork would you like to see evident in your life today? It is your choice to make.

Here are some of the things I have gleaned praying about 'daily' this morning.
Security in the best sense of the word is being where God wants us to be daily.
When thought is filled with new ideas daily that supports changes in attitude and behavior.
Daily see healing as the necessary effect of walking with divine Love, thought by thought.

Be at peace.

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