Monday, January 21, 2008

Truth - Which mirror will you choose?

This week's Bible lesson is Truth and the Golden Text will be our guide. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)

Have your ever stood in front of a fun house mirror. The images, badly distorted, can present a funny picture. It's not so funny when you are actually struggling with a weight issue. But even as you look at it, you know that is not your true reflection. No one is making you stand in front of a distorting mirror. The Bible tells is in Genesis that God made us in His image and likeness. The reflection is as perfect as God, the Original. Exactly the same. No distortions.

So you have the divine right to choose which mirror you will believe. And when you do, you have the right to claim the correct image and likeness based on the wonderfulness of the Original. God created us. We are Mind's idea. The Bible also tells us that God saw all that He had made and it was not just good, it was very good.

Spend the day with the real image and likeness. Think about how great and good and loving God is. Consider how divine Love is watching over you, how Mind has planned your day and included every right idea in it. All that is what the true reflection contains. Remember that if it is not on the Original, it is not part of you. If you saw a smudge on your face because the mirror was dirty, would you go wash your face...or would you simply clean off the mirror? Then you would see that the smudge never touched you because it was not on the original.

That is the truth of our being, our be-ing. Oneness with the Original. All you have to do is know this truth and it will show you that you are free from anything that is not a part of God's goodness.

Be at peace.

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