Thursday, May 15, 2008

From Moses to Jesus

Our lesson this week moves from Moses to the Messiah. Moses brought the law. Jesus brought grace and truth, obeying the law in the right spirit. In the account of the Jairus and the healing of his daughter I am struck by the steps taken. First, there must have been great receptivity and willingness to change in Jairus himself. He was one of the rulers of the synogogue and many of them hated Jesus. Jairus was motivated by his love for his only daughter, the kind of devotion in a father touches us. He humbly asks Jesus to come to his home and heal his child for she appears to be dying. Jesus agrees to go but is hampered by the gathered throng, clamboring for healing as well.

A messenger arrives from Jairus' house with news that the girl had died so there is no need to trouble Jesus. But Jesus immediately tells Jairus to fear not, to believe and she will be made whole again. When they arrive there is crowd of professional mourners gathered, making a big to-do hoping to be hired by Jairus. Everyone one was weeping and wailing. Jesus needed to calm things down and he said the one thing that would change the mood. He said she wasn't dead at all, only sleeping. As soon as they laughed, they broke the scene of mourning and he could send them away. He put them all out. He took away the claims that she was dead. Only then did he allow her parents and the disciples to go in with him. He took her by the hand, something that would have made him ceremonially unclean if she had really been dead. He spoke to her, telling her to arise. And she did, straigtway. Then, to show that only was she raised from the dead but that all traces of the disease were gone, he told them to give her something to eat, something more than soup.

Hre is a good pattern to follow in your own healing prayers. No matter what the situation is that is demanding attention, begin by removing any fear of it. Know that God, good, is present and operating on your behalf right there and right then. Silence any objections in your own thought, in the minds of those around you, in world thought about the situation. Don't just pray for yourself, include all mankind as being free of whatever it is. Know that God is the only Mind and that He is a very present help in trouble of any kind. Be present as a witness to the power of Good completely eliminating any trace or element of error. Know that there is no recovery time necessary, no rehabilitation. Everything in perfect working order. This is God's work, it is His opportunity to pour out His love on all of His children and creation. There is nothing to oppose, or delay or interfere with this healing, this revealing of Truth. Then rejoice and be grateful that Love removes properly whatever is offensive.

Beware of poor thought models. Examine your thinking and reject negative ideas or suggestions that suggest something is wrong. Affirm all that is right. Imagine how Jesus completely reversed that picture of mourning into one of rejoicing. God wants to do the same for you.

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