Monday, May 12, 2008

New insights as we study Moses this week

Isn't it fun when a familiar story yields new insights! I caught myself thinking, "Oh, Moses. Here we go again." But I have learned to be alert to that kind of suggestion and stop it in its infancy. Each week's lesson is new and fresh, if we are willing to dig in and find it. So this week I am looking at this story expecting to find something I hadn't seen before. I had not thought about how many times Moses faced death. At the age of three months his mother is forced to hide him in a little floating ark after Pharaoh commands all male Hebrew children be killed. This Mother love is evident in the care she takes to prepare the ark and the way she has his older sister watch over it as it floats among the reeds in the crocodile-infested Nile. He is saved from both threats of death when Pharaoh's own daughter rescues him. He may have been separated from his own family but he is adopted into the royal household. His mother is able to be his wet nurse. What an example of God as Mother. Both 'mothers' were able to nurture this child.

The story goes on and we see how life in the palace ends abruptly when Moses reacts violently to brutality. More about that tomorrow.

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