Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Midweek impressions from this week's lesson

I was delighted with an insight shared from someone who called for prayer. She mentioned how interesting it was that the story of creation centered around Adam has him falling into a deep sleep. As far as we know, he never woke up. Things did not go well in the Garden of Eden and Adam eventually dies. In the New Testament we read about Paul giving his listeners, all new converts to Christianity, a loooooong lecture session. I imagine they had a lot of questions and he went into careful detail to answer them. It was at some point during this recitation that one of the listeners, a young man sitting way up in the third balcony, dropping off....literally. His attention wandered, it was late, maybe he had already put in a long day, much of what was said went over his head, whatever, he fell into a deep sleep. He also fell three stories to the floor below. Paul went to his side and told everyone not to be alarmed. Because his life was in him. Now you can read that several ways. His (the young man's) life is in Him (God). Or His (God's) Life is in him (the young man). Basically, he woke up and did not die from the experience. These two experiences bookend the lesson. I like that.

Early this morning I was reading an article by Herbert Rieke and came across this sentence. It's a long one but I had to copy it down and think about what it says. "If we seem not ready or willing to meet the demand for the outward evidence of healing, we can declare firmly, and with confidence, that God does supply us with the power to do whatever He requires of us, that we can be guided by divine wisdom at every step, and the we can continue claiming our God-governed dominion until we are are."

Perhaps it is best to avoid falling into a deep sleep, either by being lulled into it by something other than God trying to suggest problems that are insurmountable...or being being lulled into a state of mental zoning out because it just seems to hard to work with all those metaphysical thoughts needed to correct the situation. The best antidote to this kind of mesmerism is to WAKE UP. Awaken out of that 'mist', come up out of that sense of being in a dark place or deep pit. Look up to the light in the presence of goodness. Get a fresh glimpse of who you are as the beloved child of the Good Shepherd. Be grateful that this is so. You don't have to make it true, it already is. The laws of Principle are at work right now on your behalf. Divine Mind is reflecting on you, it's wonderful idea. Love is keeping you safe and protected. Now, stay awake.

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