Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Slight Diversion

Normally I would be writing about this week's Bible lesson. It is certainly packed with ideas and I will be sharing some thoughts later this week. But this morning I was reading an article by Herbert Rieke and love his take on giving vs. getting. Here are two paragraphs I will be thinking about all day.

When you are a getter, all your thoughts go inward, you are an absorber. But when you are a giver, your thoughts all go outward and upward, and you are demonstrating that you know what it means to be a reflector or radiator of God, good.

Don't ever try to get acquainted. Give sincere acquaintance, and you will have many friends. Never try to get well. Acknowledge health as an ever-present divine quality and learn how to reflect or manifest it. Never attempt to get riches. See yourself as the wealthy child of a very wealthy heavenly Father, and devote your energies to sharing this spiritual wealth with others; then you will never lack anything.

Back to the lesson on How Not to be Fooled. The word 'adversary' runs all through it and many of us feel like we are facing an adversary or adversity of one kind or another. But the Golden Text, taken from I Kings, assures us that the Lord gives us rest on every side so that there is not adversary or evil occuring. No one to oppose us and no fear of being attacked. The lesson gives the examples of Moses up against the magicians of Pharaoh, Elijah facing down the prophets of Baal, Job vs Satan, Jesus' temptations in the wilderness, and Paul going to jail for healing a woman with the spirit of divination. Incidently, she didn't accuse him, her masters did when they saw all their profits vanish. Most of us can identity with one of these scenarios. Don't be fooled by error's claims. God gives us strength, intelligence and poise to handle all of them. We can see that divine Love gives us advocates and opportunties right where the trouble seems to be. An answer for every question and a solution for every challenge. Good news.

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